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Tickets to the best lodges institutions of Tyumen

Tickets to the best lodges institutions of Tyumen

The hotel "Remezov" offers tickets to the best lodges Tyumen concert establishments at special prices, as well as shuttle service hotel and theater Hotel. For more information and ticket reservation, please contact the tour service department: 38-39-38, (0201)

Tyumen Drama Theatre
Creating a theater in Tyumen (1858.) Was very loud and important event in the area. February 8, 1858 in the newspaper information "Tobolsk Provincial Gazette" - "Local News" wrote: "... In Tyumen noble spectacle! How is this so? Until now we knew how Tyumen city shopping, is known for his wide hospitality, where most handy distraction count cards ... Where did the actors for the Tyumen noble theater? The nobility there, as in the whole of Siberia, no officials of the district is very small, perhaps from the merchants? .. This is for the first time part of the Tyumen merchants in the noble theater should please everyone who cares every step forward in our social life .... "
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Tyumen Philharmonic
Tyumen is a must-see destination in the tour programs of most famous singers of popular and classical music, and theater companies. The building of the Tyumen Philharmonic meets the high standards of comfort, acoustics and the audience is one of the main places in the city for the "communication with the beautiful."
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Tyumen Circus
Tyumen circus - it's an amazing building, which first opened its doors to visitors in 2004. It was created by the original design of the architect Tyumen Igor scythe. Circus differs extraordinary lightness and grace, and gives the audience only positive emotions.
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